Christian Coaching Services

Coaching is the process of helping others to self-realize, self-actualize, and self-guide themselves.

This is done through dialogue between two or more individuals, during which the coach asks questions to stimulate thoughts, responses, and solutions from the coachee(s). This leads to action, self-motivation, and success.

Please understand that coaching is NOT counseling or therapy, which focus on dissecting symptoms, behaviors, and thoughts as well as underlying problems typically initiated by past events or circumstances in order to heal the present.

Instead, coaching looks towards a coachee’s desired or necessary future and analyzes how to get there from where that individual is presently.

coaching is even more effective with the bible

Christian-specific coaching then, is all the more effective since it can address the true nature of man, use the guidebook of life (Bible), and understand the greater meaning of life.

Before ‘coaching’ was even a term, Jesus used this same method of asking questions to get others He cared for to have self-realization, self-actualization, and self-guidance. This can be seen all throughout the gospels.

Coaches who are part of Out of Sleep Ministries strive to follow His examples of using questions within dialogue to inspire others and help them more effectively.

What happens afteR You Contact Out Of Sleep Ministries?

When you reach out via text, email, or phone call, we will setup an inquiry call in which we’ll ask you some questions: basic details, your ideas about what you need, your Christian background, and so on. We’ll also go over the coaching process at this point.

From there, we’ll match you with the best coach to suit your needs, cover a few logistics like paperwork, and then your coaching sessions begin!

We use phone, Zoom, Skype, or other virtual services that work best for you and your coach – which means you can be coached no matter where in the world you are located!

Coaching arrangements through Out of Sleep Ministries are done over 6 sessions.

Outcomes and Results

Christian coaching can benefit you and your situation in many ways, including:

  • Develop more self-awareness and recognize blind spots
  • Gain sustained motivation
  • Overcome obstacles and move past difficult seasons
  • Create successful habits and progress in desired goals
  • Become higher-performing in multiple areas

Requirements and Details

One-on-One Life Coaching with Out of Sleep Ministries is completely free. No one will ever ask you for money and you will never have to provide any personal or financial information that is not helpful to the coaching process.

Our coaches are all Christian and come from a variety of backgrounds. They provide coaching that is tailored for, and influenced by, Christian beliefs. However, our coaches agree to never try to use their coaching position to proselytize into specific doctrine, sects, or denominations.

Rather, they focus on improving individual relationships with God, growing in individual Godly character, and motivating individual Biblical knowledge seeking.

The effectiveness of coaching relies upon the connection between a coach and coachee(s). During initial contact, any any time within the coaching process, the coach OR coachee may choose to end the coaching arrangement if differences in specific beliefs are thought by one or both parties to prohibit active engagement or progression.

Out of Sleep Ministries, our volunteers and staff, and all those who wish to be coached or to take part in any of our services agree on the following:

  • The Bible is the Word of God and the guidebook of life. It is inspired by God and is infallible in its original form. Within its pages, the Bible describes how to live, how to interact with each other, the character of God, and how to form our relationship with Him. It should be used for instruction, guidance, motivation, comfort, and even enjoyment. The Bible is the final and most authoritative source of anything pertaining to God or the Christian faith. (Deut 30:14-16, Psa 19, Psa 119:105, Nehe 9:13-14, Joh 17:17, 2Tim 3:16)
  • Jesus (or any of His names in other languages) is our salvation and will return again as the soon coming King of Kings. Through His shed blood, we all have access to redemption and salvation should we choose. (Isa 53:4-5, Dan 2:44, Joh 3:16, Joh 14:3, Act 1:11, Rom 6:23, Heb 2:9, 1Joh 4:14, Rev 12:11, Rev 19:16)
  • Christians are required to be active, to grow, and to search out and receive guidance in life. Christianity is not a religion of ‘come as you are, stay as you are’, nor is it a religion of ‘going alone’. True Christians strive to follow God and His Ways as written in the Bible, always seeking to improve their understanding of what that entails. (Gen 2:18, Prov 1:1-5, Prov 18:1, Prov 19:20, Eccl 4:9-10, Luk 11:9, Rom 11:11-12, 1Cor 5:1, 1Pet 1:5-8, 1Pet 2:21, 1Pet 4:10-11, Jas 1:23-25, Jas 2:14-26, 1Joh 2:6)

It's always free, and always christian.