Biblically inspired strategies to live a soul-filled life.

Choosing A Path

A woman was walking her dog in the public park, when she came to a fork in the path. On the left hand, the path wound gently between lush flower gardens. On the right hand, the path meandered alongside a bubbling stream as sunlight danced lazily across the water. Which path should she take? Not

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Active Waiting

There is, perhaps, nothing more hated in life than waiting in line. Whether it’s for a grand opening of a store, waiting for a table at a restaurant, waiting in line at customs or airport security, or waiting in the dreaded DMV line. Ridiculously enough, we often voluntarily wait in lines, such as when the

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Decision Making

There was once a man who wanted to find a trustworthy and righteous woman for his son to marry. So, he said to his servant, “go to this particular country and bring back a good woman for my son to marry”. The servant departed and must have wondered to himself along the way, “how shall

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