as christians, we're supposed to have it all figured out, right?

It can be so annoying, because you're a Christian, and here you are:

Stuck, struggling with big questions, and neither the pastor nor the sermons you're hearing at church seem to be giving any real answers.

Of course, you try to pray… but where do you go when you lack motivation, direction, and confidence?

Where do you turn when you don’t hear a clear answer back?

Maybe the answer is in a devotional? But you start reading and they just feel like fluff – not something that is going to truly help you weather one of the frustrating seasons you’ve faced.


You might reach out to a friend in church, but your problem is more than they can handle, especially without any training. The best they seem to offer is well meaning, yet simple advice.

Better yet, maybe you are told one of those wonderful phrases like “You just need to pray more” or “Let go and let God.”

And you just think:
“Thanks, but that’s totally unhelpful!”

Because how does that help you when you’re struggling with a question like “What is my calling or purpose in life?”

Maybe it’s a different, yet equally big question. Do any of these sound familiar?

“How do I feel more connected to God (or my church)?”

“How am I supposed to keep staying in this relationship?”

“Why do I struggle with this same issue over and over?”

Right now you might feel alone, but trust us:
you’re not.

We all go through it: doubt, lack of direction, fear, disconnection. There’s so much confusion, frustration, and sometimes, if we’re being really honest, even some anger at God.

That’s the human side of Christianity.

In fact, it was through us encountering these exact same situations ourselves that generated our passion and desire to form Out of Sleep Ministries, so we might help our fellow Christians to navigate through life’s toughest questions and situations.

Our coaches have struggled and overcome, have doubted and reconvicted, have fallen and risen; truly, we have been lost and are now found.

Through God’s love for us and our love for Him, we have discovered answers to our questions and inspiration for our souls.

We are here to explore the questions and feelings of fellow Christians through the art of coaching, so we might help them move beyond their current struggles and meet their goals.

You may not know much about coaching, and that’s OK. So let us tell you this:

Combined with God's word, we believe that coaching is one of the most efficient and effective ways to help you success in your goals and overcome the issues you're struggling with.

(Just a little short of God coming down and sorting it all out Himself! 😊)

Working with us requires nothing on your end to get started besides the following three things:

1. Being a professing Christian who believes the Bible is the word of God,

2. That Jesus is our salvation, and

3. That we all need to grow and seek help from others.

If you agree with all that, congratulations!
You’re in the right place and we’d love to help you!

Our coaches are trained life coaches, value coaches, career coaches, performance coaches, relationship coaches, and so much more!

We have the certifications, degrees, coaching experience, and life experience to back it all up.

During our confidential sessions, we’ll help you understand, redirect, and push forward; because not only are we coaches, but like you, we are humans too!

When working with us, you can count on being matched to a specific coach who has the expertise to guide you in and with your particular situation, goals, and needs.

Just like Romans 13:11, Out of Sleep Ministries is here to spread the word that it’s time for Christians everywhere to wake up!

Don’t wait any longer. Don’t keep struggling anymore than you already have.

Now is the time to get the answers you’ve always been looking for.

Now is the time to understand your calling. Now is the time to overcome your sins.

Now is the time to meet your goals. Now is the time to solve your problems.

Now is the time to be a motivated, empowered Christian.

Through the power of coaching and God’s word, we can help you get there.

If you’re ready to wake up and find success in every area of your life, give us a call, drop us an email, or shoot us a text – the contact button is right below.

It's always free, and always christian.